A film festival fully dedicated to Brazilian cinema! The Brazilian film production of recent years is being recognized everywhere for its quality and diversity. Now the Brazil Film Fest of Toronto (BRAFF) is coming to showcase a selection of great movies from the new wave of Brazilian filmmaking, all taking place over four days at the prestigious Royal Ontario Museum. Among fiction features and documentaries, the festival is a chance to see some truly creative and audacious films - both in form and content. A uniquely Brazilian way to warm up at the arrival of the Canadian winter!


This very first edition of BRAFF in Toronto invites the public to come aboard for a trip of delight and discovery into a diverse range of Brazilian issues, places, feelings and flavours. Six features and six documentaries will send you straight to the sandy beaches of Rio de Janeiro, with a pit stop at the poor neighbourhoods of the megacity of São Paulo and a visit into an imaginary city in the country's arid northeast.

Or you can choose to check out the special gift of Brazilian soccer players, best defined by the word « ginga » - an African term incorporated to Brazil's daily language that encompass all the creativity and talent of the five times world soccer champions. Or you might prefer to have a deep look at a master of « capoeira » - a mix of martial art with ballet developed in Brazil, centuries ago, by African slaves, and a unique way of expressing art through the body.

For the socially conscious minds, the Festival brings the opportunity of following a homeless women's group in their battle for a roof over their heads and better life, while those interested in the diverse music scene of Brazil will have the opportunity to enjoy the history and sounds of classic samba and the powerful beat of hip hop.

Twelve great recent Brazilian movies with English subtitles - almost all of them making their Canadian debut. Twelve chances for the public to discover Brazil through the lenses of twelve talented directors. Drama, passion, laughs, dreams, music, emotion. Come to see a Brazil you never saw before!