After a very successful inaugural edition, the Brazil Film Fest of Toronto (BRAFF) is back with another hot selection of films to warmly greet the Canadian screen, just before the winter officially kicks in!

Join us for an eclectic selection of feature films and documentaries that reflect the evolving quality and diversity of Brazilian cinema, from classics to recent productions of the Brazilian new wave. The second edition of BRAFF in Toronto promises to take you on a cinematic journey through a variety of narrative styles and stories with a select list of films that will welcome back audiences already familiar with Brazilian cinema and attract those who have never seen a Brazilian film before.


Come fall in love on the lyrical sandy beaches of Rio, immerse yourself in the personal stories of famous musicians from the Bossa Nova era to the Brazilian 80's rock n' roll scene. Venture deep into the jungle to see one indigenous community's strategy to preserve their culture and traditions yet borrowing from urban society. Experience the life of real characters and personas in documentaries that address issues of cultural identity and nationality, as well as questions around notions of sight and imagery. Accompany a Torontonian filmmaker's journey to Brazil, in search of her father who lives a homeless life in Sao Paulo.

Learn about some formerly classified information in a raw and original format that digs into the 1970's operation "Condor" when the military governments of South America collaborated to "clear out" subversive political movements in the region. Travel back in time to the 1800's and engage in a love triangle that explores the limits of infidelity and the uncertain destiny of a woman and a man who give way to their temptations and deepest desires. Furthermore, entertain yourself with a classic police thriller or a touching coming of age story set in the hinterlands of Brazil. Discover the talents of "Garrincha", the man who turned soccer into an art and conquered the heart of Brazilian soul singer, Elza Soares.

This year's Festival celebrates 50 years of Bossa Nova, the famous musical style that traveled the world with tunes such as "The Girl from Ipanema". For this celebration we would like to invite you to step out of the theatre and delight a Brazilian inspired brunch to the sound of live Bossa Nova music. (see BRAFF @ The Drake for details).

During 4 days Toronto receives a touch of warmth with the best Brazil has to offer: our music, our diversity, our creativity and our passion. See you at the festival!