7 days of Brazilian cultural diversity: from November 27th to December 3rd

For its third edition, the Festival du Film Brésilien de Montréal is very happy to unfold, once again, an original and exciting panorama of the best Brazilian cinema. On the top of that, the festival presents an attractive and challenging selection of feature films or documentaries since they have all received awards in prestigious international festivals and most of them haven't been shown in Quebec. For 7 days, from November 27th to December 3rd, the festival invites you for some genuine Brazilian warmth at the cinema. For more than 500 years, Brazil has been melting cultures, skin colors, races, traditions, tastes, flavors, histories and everything else into a very large and welcoming pot.

Brazil and Canada have actually more in common than you can imagine! They are both relatively young nations where immigration played -- and still plays! -- a very important role. Did you know that Brazil has the highest population of people of African descent outside the African continent? And there was also a time when there were more people speaking Italian on the streets of São Paulo than Portuguese, the official Brazilian language.

Everywhere as in Montreal, you can feel, see, hear and taste this same multicultural atmosphere. You can sit in an Indian restaurant in the heart of the Italian area, reading a European newspaper and overhearing conversations in three or four different languages at the same time...

Come celebrate with us the Brazilian cultural diversity at the cinema!


Do you like dance and music? Then come and have a close look at a traditional Brazilian dance hall in The Ballroom where each step plays out a tale of drama and comedy in full swing with an incredible sound track. But be prepared also to follow the magical ballet of the best soccer player in the world, because the classic documentary This is Pelé will be shown too. And while your heart is still beating fast with the ingenious Pelé, let samba conquer your soul with The Mystery of Samba, a doc about the music and people of Portela, one of the most important samba schools of Rio de Janeiro.

From Rio, we will lead you on a trip to the Brazilian Northeast where you will embark on the life and art of Humberto Teixeira and another unique and contagious Brazilian rhythm, the baião, in The Man who bottled clouds. For all you Bossa Nova fans, we will also have an intimate walk inside the house and mind of its creative master, the poet, composer and conductor Tom Jobim, as revealed by his widow, Ana Jobim, in Tom’s House: Mundo, Monde, Mondo.

Adrenalin is also on the menu this year with Riding High, a high energy psychological thriller, but this doesn’t mean that we forgot to include some romantic interest. For your delectation, we have two powerful love stories: Romance and That’s It…. One is an intricate plot that mixes the age-old story of Tristan and Yseult with modern day passion, while the other gives us a sneak peek into the closing moments of a relationship between two young and in love university students.

For the LGBT community, we have the true story of Madame Satã, a poor, black, gay man who made history with his glamorous performances and wild life in the bohemian Rio de Janeiro of the 1930's.

And to wrap up this year's great festival, we will see and hear many of the most talented composers and poets of Brazil in Enchanted Word, a documentary about how to achieve the perfect balance of lyric and melody.

This event will be enhanced with the presence of Brazilian directors who will honor us with their presence during some of the screenings.

More informations: ffbm2009@gmail.com