An intimate solo concert with Adriana Calcanhotto

Adriana Calcanhotto, featured in the film Enchanted Word falls neatly into the Música Popular Brasileira (MPB) genre—a classic style of Brazilian popular music rooted in bossa nova and marked by intensely poetic lyrics, often performed simply with voice and guitar. Since her debut album Enguiço (1990), the singer songwriter became a driving force in the genre delivering powerful, modern and highly original songs of poetic wit and elegant charm. She is well loved and respected throughout the country for her voice and guitar playing as well as for her work as a composer, and is now making her unmissable Canadian debut with this intimate solo concert.

When: Sunday, October 25th 2009 at 9 pm
Where: The Royal Theatre - 608 College at Clinton, 5 blocks West of Bathurst at Little Italy

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Please note that seats for the Adriana Calcanhotto concert are unnumbered, so be sure to arrive early to secure the best possible spot."

Mulher sem razão


Your lyrics have always had some cinematic qualities and you are now coming to Toronto for a gig that is part of a film festival. What is your connection to the film universe?

Adriana Calcanhotto - I don’t have a solid film background. I just love some movies and some directors (Godard, Almodóvar, Julio Bressane, Chantal Akerman). I like films that are like poems, such as Limite, by Mário Peixoto, which is still my favourite movie. But I really enjoy the people who work in this industry, people who believe in films and all that, because of this faith they have, they make films. I love film sets as well .

Many people sing or create music, but it seems that just a few see this activity as art, with a concept, with goals, theories and a clearer and more ample idea about the world and everything else behind their chords and words. Your CDs, the body of your work, seem to be always linked to a bigger and deeper thought. How does this happen? How do you begin the creation of a new CD, a new project?

Adriana Calcanhotto - Generally, I’m not into labels, but I can’t deny that there is an existentialist facet to my work. The songs need to have meaning for me, a connection to my life. This is how I start working on the many jigsaws that are the scripts of my songs. The inspiration of a new CD always comes from this, from a set of songs that are significant for me. It has do to with the poets I’m reading, with the things I’m seeing. I can’t see any reason to just make a plan and then start picking songs that will be a good match for an initial idea. I prefer it when a group of songs reveal themselves as a great repertoire that, of course, will be shaped a lot, until the day I'm on the stage, or until it’s the day for defining the order of songs on a CD. It's a live creature, mutant, porous, open to life’s tempests and happy moments.

It’s your first time in Toronto, right? But is it the first time you've come to Canada? What can the audience expect from your debut?

Adriana Calcanhotto - It’s my first time in the country and I’m in love with the idea of singing there. People can expect a voice and acoustic guitar solo concert of some of my most famous songs, songs that are kind of mandatory in my performances, but also some of my more recent work. But I’m also practicing some special songs for the Brazil Film Fest gig. I don’t want to tell you now in order to keep the surprise...

Your last CD, is “Maré”. What will come next? Are already sailing into new waters, a new project?

Adriana Calcanhotto - I'm about to release in Brazil in Brazil a new album called PARTIMPIM DOIS. It comes out on October 1st. It has more songs for children and adults to listen to together. And next year, I'm going to be in a short film by Allan Ribeiro. It's my debut as a movie actor. I loved the experience.