4 Days of The Brazilian Way of Life

The 4th edition of the Brazil Film Fest arrives in Toronto with a ‘muito cool’ program.

Expect to see some of the Brazil you already know, but also journey with us through

stories and places that the general media has not yet taken you. Gain insight into the world of the people who inhabit this country and learn why Brazil creates such fascination in others.

The landscape, the culture, the music, and the politics reflect its peculiar blend of European, African and Native Indian. But who are these Brazilians? What do they do? Where do they come from? Where do they want to go? Why is Brazilian music so instigating? How do they see the rest of the world?

For this year’s edition we bring 8 feature films, covering different walks of Brazilian life. The films tell personal stories of discovery, desire, battle, and achievement. They invite moviegoers to step outside the role of spectator and take a journey with the film’s subjects – whether it be fiction or reality.