Born in Salvador, Bahia, Danilo Sanches has always been attracted to the colours and joy of his homeland. Its natural beauty and culture shine through in his photography. The photographer holds a degree in computer science, and splits his time between his trade and his art.

He has collaborated with the Salvador PhotoClub, acting as the general director as well as a board member, and participated in biennales and photo exhibits in Brazil. Living in Montreal for the past year hasn’t altered Danilo’s strong “baiano” accent. Rather than photographing the Saint Joaquim market or the Chapada Diamantina paths, he prefers to meet people like M. João, and have a lengthy chat in a hut made of hay on the edge of the Biopeba beach.

According to him, these are the moments that make photography, with or without a camera.



Emerging Brazilian singer/songwriter Luanda Jones has been captivating audiences for over a decade with her unique blend of suave, jazz inflected vocals, stylized guitar harmonies, and charming stage presence, passionately interpreting some of the South American nation’s most cherished popular musical traditions. Her freshly released debut, Aquarela, features some of the top global music players in Toronto, as well as her songwriter parents.

Catch Luanda Jones on opening night, Friday November 25th at 6:30pm.