Captains of the Sand


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2011 | 96 min | Colour | Fiction

Thu, Oct 18 7:00 PM
The Royal

Capitães da Areia
Director: Cecilia Amado, Guy Gonçalves.
Script: Cecilia Amado, Hilton Lacerda.
Editor: Eduardo Hartung
Cinematographer: Guy Gonçalves
Music: Carlinhos Brown
George Saldanha
Executive Producers: Bruno Stropianna, Cecília Amado.
Production Companies: Lagoa Cultural, Maga Filmes.

With: Jean Luis Amorim, Ana Graciela Conceição, Robério Lima.

In the 1950’s in Salvador a gang of street kids are committing petty thefts and sophisticated mansion robberies. Abandoned by all, they survive together based on brotherhood. In their boys-only gang, they discover love when a young orphan girl joins them. Based on best-seller novel by acclaimed writer Jorge Amado.

Festivals and Awards
15th Punta del Este International Film Festival – Best Film – audience award | 38º Festival SESC Melhores do Ano – Best Film – audience award | 5º CineFest Brasil Canudos – Best Film | 5º Festival da Lapa de Filmes de época – Best Art Direction & Special Jury Award – Best Cast | Prêmio A.C.I.E. de Cinema 2012 – Best Sound Track | 5º Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival – Best Film | 14th Brazil Film Festival Paris 2012



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