The Red Light Bandit

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1968 | 92 min | Black and White | Fiction

Sun, Oct 21 2:00 PM
The Royal

 O Bandido da Luz Vermelha
Rogério Sganzerla
Script: Hilton Lacerda
Editor: Silvio Renoldi
Cinematographer: Peter Overbeck
Sound: Julio Perez Caballar, Mara Duval.
Rogério Sganzerla
Production Company:
Mercúrio Produções

With: Paulo Vilaça, Helena Ignez, Sérgio Hingst, Luiz Linhares, Sônia Braga, Ítala Nandi, Hélio Aguiar , Pagano Sobrinho, Roberto Luna, Sérgio Mamberti.

Based on the police records of a famous bandit in São Paulo, the film tracks the rise of an enigmatic pillager of luxurious residences whom the tabloids have named for his technique of using a red flash-light to illuminate his female victim´s faces, while talking to them before proceeding to rape and kill them. One of the key works of the Cinema Marginal.

The film combines western, detective story, documentary, musical, comedy, science fiction and radical politics, in the vein of Godard’s “gangster films”.

Festivals and Awards
The Red Light Bandit has been indicated by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage for Humanity in 1983 | 22nd Turin Film Festival – Tribute to Rogério Sganzerla, 2004 | III Discovering Latin America Film Festival – London, 2004 | 16th Bobigny International Festival – Paris, 2005 | Tekfestival – Rogério Sganzerla’s Homage – Rome, 2005 | 20th Fribourg International Film Festival – Switzerland, 2006 | Barbican Center – London, 2006 | Seoul Film Festival – South Korea, 2007 | Wellington Film Festival – New Zealand, 2007 | Auckland Film Festival – New Zealand, 2007 | XXIV – Latin Film Festival – Oriundi award – Trieste, 2009 | XV Kolkata Film Festival – India, 2009.



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