Artificial Paradises

Co-presented with Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film & Video Festival and Uma Nota
2012 | 96 min | Colour | Fiction

Sat, Oct 20 9:15 PM
The Royal

Paraísos Artificiais
Marcos Prado
Script: Pablo Padilla, Cristiano Gualda, Marcos Prado.
Editor: Quito Ribeiro
Cinematographer: Lula Carvalho
Original Music: Rodrigo Coelho & GUSTVO MM.

With: Nathalia Dill, Luca Bianchi, Lívia Bianchi, Lívia de Bueno, Bernardo Melo Barreto, César Cardadeiro, Divana Brandão.

A huge festival of alternative culture and art is the background of intense sensory experiences between three young people: Nando, DJ Érika, and Lara. Without realizing it, the meeting radically changes their lives forever. An engaging story in full explosion of electronic music in Brazil, which has a moving story of love and overcoming the involvement of middle-class youth in international narcotics trafficking, conflicts, and fates crossed through time.

Festivals and Awards
Cine PE Best Sound Edition, Best Photography, Best Actress (2nd part), Best Edition | XVI – FICA Montreal World Film Festival.


International Sales
Zazen Produções


Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film & Video Festival
Uma Nota

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