Carmen Miranda: Bananas Is My Business

Co-presented with Portuguese International Film Festival and Hot Docs
1995 | 91 min | Colour | Docudrama

Sat, Oct 20 3:00 PM
The Royal

Carmen Miranda
Helena Solberg
Editor: David Meyer
Cinematographer: Tomasz Magierski
Sound: Heron Alencar, Cristiano Maciel, Mário Garcia, Firmino Antunes, John Curtis, Juana Sapire, Pawel Wdowczak, Alan Barker, Albee Gordon, Russel Fager.
David Meyer, Helena Solberg.

With: Cynthia Adler, Erick Barreto, Letícia Monte.

Carmen Miranda was famous for her broken English, provocative costumes and banana-bedecked turbans. She became an international sensation, and one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. The film is the intimate saga of a show-business legend who began life in an impoverished family in Portugal, was raised in Rio de Janeiro, and rose to fame first in Brazil and then in Hollywood. Her success came with a price-tag: she was caught between being a “real” Latin American or being Hollywood’s version of one — with all the fame and money it would bring. Her star would shine brighter and brighter, but at the expense of her own identity and finally, her life.

Festivals and Awards
27th Brazil Film Festival – Brasilia, 1994 – best film, audience award, jury special award, critics award | Chicago International Film Festival – USA, 1995 – best docudrama | Havana Latin American New Film Festival – Cuba, 1995 – best documentary | Montevideo 14th Film Festival – Uruguay, 1996 – best film – Ibero-American award | International Film Meeting – Portugal, 1996 – best film – audience award | Official selection: Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia, 1995 | Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland, 1995 | Toronto International Film Festival, Canada, 1995 | Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Japan, 1995 | London Film Festival, London, UK, 1995 | Rotterdam International Film Festival, Holland, 1996 | Göteborg Film Festival, Sweden, 1996 | Santa Barbara Film Festival, USA, 1996 | Toulouse Latin American Film Festival, France, 1996 | Hong Kong Film Festival, 1996 | Barcelona International Dones Film Festival, Spain, 1996 | Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel, 1996 | London Latin American Film Festival, UK, 1996 | Helsinki Film Festival, Switzerland, 1996 | Films From the South, Norwega, 1996 | Ankara Flying Broom Women’s Film Festival, Turkey, 2000.



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