My name is Eric Major and I am the Volunteer Coordinator for the upcoming 6th Brazil Film Fest. To continue to make this event a success, we need your help. We are presently looking for people to help out with the festival. If you have any experience volunteering at a film festival or are willing to help volunteer, we would like to have your assistance. Although it is a plus, being able to speak Portuguese is not a requirement.

Diego Leon Correia, Prasad Pradhan, Andrea Hernandez, Eric Major, Michal Kwadrans, Justyna Wolowiec, Jill Mitchell, Michel Montefeltro.

As a volunteer, some of the duties you might be responsible for are as follows: collecting the tickets at the door, taking photography during the event, introducing the movie, assisting people inside the theatre, and controlling the crowds waiting to enter the cinema. There might be some light cleaning duty, such as assisting the cinema staff in picking up and throwing out cups and popcorn bags. You must volunteer for at least two movie sessions and will receive a festival t-shirt to wear during your session. Just a reminder, you might get one or more of the above duties to do, but not all. We need 8 volunteers for the Opening Night and 4 for each of the other sessions. Volunteers must arrive 30 minutes before the screening that they are volunteering for.

We are in the process of finalizing dates and location, so keep coming back periodically for more info.

If you are willing to volunteer your time with the 6th Brazil Film Fest, please send me an email to brazilfilmfesttoronto@gmail.com.

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